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Description: Is it true what they say about hard bodied men who work in steel mill factories? Find out what really happens between all the real men in this Hungarian metal factory. You will definitely want to be there & want to join in. 15 of the hardest bodied men of steel with ripped stomachs and extra large endowments add up to the ultimate masculine fantasy! Work starts early... But the real action begins after these buffed men get sweaty, greased and oiled up from the machines. This is a one hot blue collar video guaranteed to satisfy your urges and fulfill your fantasies of real steel factory muscle men !
Tags:  muscles   euro   action   safe-sex 
Categories:  Big Cock   Muscle Guys   Anal 
Added: by Pacific Sun Entertainment
Length: 97 minutes | Viewed: 582 | Comments: 1
Director: Csaba Borbely
Performers:  Roberto Giorgio   Fred Goldsmith   Charles Cromenberg   Joe Calderon   Mick Huston   Peter Krisztia 
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