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Sarah Dominates Katya Vol.2
Description: Katya begins with offering to pamper her Mistress. Sarah instructs Katya to make her more comfortable. Katya removes Mistress Sarah's boots and massages her feet. Then she removes Sarah's leather corset! Sarah has a special treat for Katya A nice rope. Katya is glad to obey Sarah and lets her tie her up good. Once The rope has Katya all tied up , her ankles and wrists Sarah removes her bra. Katya's cute nipples need some fun, so Sarah ties a silver noose onto them and pulls tight. Katya endures the nipple ********well so Sarah gives her another treat by spanking her pussy with a leather paddle. Then its time to get Her little pet slave Kat naked. Sarah removes the rope and has Katya undress for her. When Katya is fully nude Sarah instructs her to spread out her pussy wide, and has her open her pussy lips. The clit clamps will do nicely on Katya's pussy lips so Sarah puts them on her. Katya keeps talking and is punished with an apple gag in her mouth!
Tags:  fetish   lesbian   bdsm 
Categories:  BDSM   Lesbian   Fetish 
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Length: 35 minutes | Viewed: 316 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Katya   Insatiable Sarah 
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