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Straight Guys For Gay Eyes Arpad Miklos
Description: Everyone is familiar with the term “Gay for Pay”, but we’ve turned the tables and brought in one of the biggest names in gay porn, Arpad Miklos to do a “Straight for Pay” scene. You heard us right. Buff, hairy, hunky and 100% gay Arpad is taking a walk on the wild side with busty blonde Holly Heart. If he’s nervous you certainly can’t tell. He takes to fucking a girl like a duck to water. Holly gets the ride of her life from our big boy. Did we convert him? HELL no... but there’s no doubt he had a great time experimenting
Tags:  hardcore 
Categories:  Hardcore 
Added: by Straight Guys 4 Gay Eyes
Length: 36 minutes | Viewed: 766 | Comments: 2
Director: Jake Cruise
Performers:  Arpad Miklos   Holly Heart 
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