Videos performed by Henriette Agnes

Rocco *******Trainer 10
Description: Someone suggested to Rocco that his videos were getting so hard and physical that he was performing in them like an *******trainer. "Thas Eet! The title of my next videos!" he screamed. It's a real gag with rough sex-toy hijinks and lots of gorgeous bitches who get all choked up when confronted by a Rocco-sized slab of man meat. Anyone who claims that "chicks never learn" might do well to study Rocco's advanced training techniques. This handler uses a peculiar system of rewards and punishment to get his way.
Tags:  hardcore   anal   group-sex 
Categories:  Anal   Group Sex   Hardcore 
Added: by Rocco Siffredi Production (RSP)
Length: 81 minutes | Viewed: 548 | Comments: 0
Director: Rocco Siffredi
Performers:  Candy   Rocco Siffredi   Franco Roccaforte   Kelly Stafford   Nacho Vidal   Belladonna   Michelle   Alissa   Daniella Schiffer   Melinda Casta   Henriette Agnes   Sarah Hoffman 
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