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Cuckold 2
Description: With the wife out banging a physically superior Negro male tonight, wouldn’t this be a good time to watch “Cuckold 2?” Squirm as a hot wife fucks her husband’s father. Laugh as a towering giant of a man washes his wife’s pussy for her date. Share the white guilt of a cuck as he kowtows to his wife’s black date in an effort to mask his sick interracial taboo. Based on true stories from the cuckolding community, “Cuckold 2” is humiliating hardcore at it's most disturbing.
Tags:  interracial   all-sex 
Categories:  Interracial   Big Boobs   Blowjob 
Added: by Chatsworth Pictures
Length: 120 minutes | Viewed: 1183 | Comments: 1
Director: Cram and Grip Johnson
Performers:  Kitty   Jennifer Dark   Lorena Sanchez   Brooke Scott   Gram Ponante   Max Sunset 
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