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Panty World 7
Description: The voyeur strikes again, while cruising the streets of LA he encounters a beautiful young lady who is heading home after a busy day of shopping for panties. A horny john with a fetish for panties calls an escort service for service. What follows is an erotic visual journey that would stimulate a dead man. After discussing finances with my accountant, I decided to try selling my own lingerie line. We set up a time at his home to look at the product, after our model tried on a few of the outfits I could tell the quality was there and the mark up was phenomenal. The babysitter I needed to stay overnight so he could get some work done. She was hesitant with good reason.
Tags:  fetish   all-sex   lingerie   panties 
Categories:  Hardcore   Fetish   Anal 
Added: by Dane
Length: 88 minutes | Viewed: 367 | Comments: 0
Director: Don Marque
Performers:  Brandon Iron   Herschel Savage   Reiko   Chantay   Kurious   Gayle Monique 
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