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The Destruction Of K Blaze
Description: K Blaze is recognized leaving his apartment by 11" horse-hung Magic. K Blaze gives him no love, but Magic soon returns, dragging him upstairs. K Blaze is all attitude until he sees what Magic has to offer, and submits to that giant dick. Magic isn't done there, and he pimps out K Blaze to his boys, who take turns working him out. Over and over kBlaze gets pounded by Magic, then 10" Enigma, 9.5" pretty boi Tru, and he also gets pounded by a dildo, he gets spat on, and his ass opened so wide! As for the cum, well that gets everywhere! Bonus features include a lost scene from Dreams Pipe, featuring Shorty J., kBlaze, Dream, Slim Thug, and Bike Chain.
Tags:  black   hardcore   big-dick 
Categories:  Ebony   Big Cock   Hardcore 
Added: by Thugoverload
Length: 117 minutes | Viewed: 1761 | Comments: 1
Director: Leo
Performers:  Shorty   Blaze   Enigma   Tru   Magic 
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