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How to Perform a Rimjob Carmen Payne And Coco Lusious
Description: This is THE taboo. The one people whisper about. Join our hosts Carmen Payne, and Coco Luscious as they explore the one taboo that millions have heard about but only a few have tried. Learn about how to please your partner in new ways in safety and cleanliness. The art of Analingus or Rimming is an exciting and fun way to please your partner. Through knowledge of anatomy and proper cleansing techniques you can enjoy this incredible pleasure and share the most intimate of moments with your partner. Along with Carmen Payne you will learn this sensual and intimate technique from Coco Luscious. Together they will take you step by step through an Analingus session that her lover will never forget. Learn to share this technique with your lover and please them in a way that is unique, sensual and very intimate. It is all there for you to learn. After all, it’s your sex life, what are you going to do with it?
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Performers:  Maxwell Schmart   Carmen Payne   Coco Luscious 
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