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Up the Ying Yang 1
Description: East meets West in this torrid mixture of sizzling interracial anal sex! Cumisha, China Mai, and Saki are all here with asses high in the air, their tight juicy holes of forbidden pleasure waiting for the boys' crazed anal desires! To this, Ron, Christian, and Jimmy reply by rhythmically probing the girls' exotic, erotic Asian anal sushi with mighty thrusts from their swollen samurai swords!
Tags:  interracial   anal   mature 
Categories:  Mature   Interracial   Anal 
Added: by Coast to Coast
Length: 89 minutes | Viewed: 254 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Saki St. Jermaine   Cumisha Amado   Ron Hightower   Jimmy Zee   Christian Lee   China Mai   Lady Berlin 
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