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Dylan’s Gang Bang
Description: Gang bangs are a fairly difficult type of scene to orchestrate, but when they do come together and work, it’s a thing of beauty that can make your dick fully-erect and spewing cum without even touching it. The hardest part of a gang bang equation is most definitely finding the right bottom, so recently when this hot piece of ass I found myself drooling over (by the name of Dylan Hyde) showed up in our studios to bottom for a scene and talked about having a fantasy of being gang banged, I jumped at the chance. After Dylan got to the studio the day of the shoot, because a lot of tops were showing up at different times, I decided just to roll cameras and let the different tops walk into the scene as they arrived. The first two tops to arrive on set were SX newcomers Sage Daniels and Steven Shields. rnThe two both got down to business, shoving their fat meat into Dylan’s mouth and fingering his tight hole to get it ready for a 10-man beating. Steven had the honors of getting things started, slowly inching in his fat cock and then rapidly fucking Dylan’s tight asshole. After Dylan gives him a thorough pounding, he pulls out and orders the dirty bottom to clean off and choke on his dick as Sage thrusts into Dylan and opens his ass up even more. Sage begins to slowly pull out his dick head, watching Dylan’s ass contract, before slamming the full length of his cock back into him hard. Nick Moretti then makes his way into the scene and doesn’t waste any time plugging his enormous dick into Dylan’s butthole, making him moan out loud. rnDylan is now warmed up and his hunger for raw cock is still going strong as more tops slowly make their way onto the set and into his horny ass; first Tober Brandt, Kirby Thomas and Miguel Temon, followed by Gabriel D’Alessandro, Eli Banging, Gianni Reyes, and lastly Frank Young. With each top having had a turn to plug and mark their territory in their gang bang victim, they continue to circle and take their second turns with the bottom like a pack of hungry wolves. Nick Moretti is first to move everyone aside and blast a huge load of his man-juice into the bottom, giving the rest of the pack a good idea. Slowly all 10 tops take their turn filling up Dylan’s insides with their warm cum till by the last guy, there is barely any room left and he is dripping jizz out of his used and sore hole.
Tags:  anal 
Categories:  Anal 
Added: by SX VIDEO
Length: 64 minutes | Viewed: 245 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Chad   Zach   Gabe   Kirby 
Price: $7.63 (For 24 hour streaming views)
24 hr. Rental
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Straight To The Point 15
Description: Straight To The Point 15 Twinks
Tags:  twinks 
Categories:  Twinks 
Added: by Next Door Studios
Length: 99 minutes | Viewed: 380 | Comments: 5
Performers:  Zack Cook   Chad   Skyler   Beaux 
Price: $7.90 (For 24 hour streaming views)
24 hr. Rental
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Stroke My Dick
Description: If you love well hung studs with gallons of cum in their balls as much as we do, you'll join us in screaming stroke my dick!
Tags:  muscle-guys   hardcore   anal 
Categories:  Hardcore   Muscle Guys   Anal 
Added: by Bacchus Releasing
Length: 103 minutes | Viewed: 91 | Comments: 2
Performers:  Chad   Jeremy 
Price: $8.27 (For 24 hour streaming views)
24 hr. Rental
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Real Couples
Description: This is our first video celebrating sex between real-life couples. We interview each of these couples and asked them to speak about how they met, their sex-life together, their attraction to each other… and then we filmed them going at in uncensored. Come on this journey into the bedrooms of eight handsome men. Real Couples. Real Sex.
Tags:  mature   action   boyfriends 
Categories:  Blow Jobs   Daddies   Anal 
Added: by Pantheon Productions,LLC
Length: 88 minutes | Viewed: 701 | Comments: 2
Director: Chris Roma
Performers:  Mike   John Truitt   Ted   Chad   Blaine Meyers 
Price: $7.04 (For 24 hour streaming views)
24 hr. Rental
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Milk A Thon 4
Description: Open wide for the sweetest creamy treat around! Horny post pregos need to release their heavy milk bags all over that rock hard dick of yours. What better way to lube your member before you slide in to that hot pussy!
Tags:  fetish   all-sex   milking 
Categories:  Fetish   Big Boobs   Blowjob 
Added: by Heatwave Raw
Length: 76 minutes | Viewed: 16 | Comments: 0
Performers:  John Janiero   Barbie   Chad   Elena (II   Elexa 
Price: $6.07 (For 24 hour streaming views)
24 hr. Rental
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Tommy D And Friends 10
Description: Check out Tommy D and all of his hot body friends as they stroke and poke their way to extacy!
Tags:  muscles   action   safe-sex 
Categories:  Twinks   Hardcore   Muscle Guys 
Added: by Next Door Studios
Length: 108 minutes | Viewed: 241 | Comments: 3
Performers:  Tommy D   PATRICK   Scott   Ruby Knox   Chad   Steve Wam 
Price: $8.62 (For 24 hour streaming views)
24 hr. Rental
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Cum Eating with Alan Gregory
Description: We pulled together an exceptional collection of handsome, built, hung men when Alan Gregory told us he wanted to do a group suck-off and eat every last drop of cum. The group includes established stars Eric Evans, Joe Romero, Jack Surf and Chad Connors. In the mix we added newcomers Adam Collins, Kris Anthony, Amando del Valle and Jade. Alan goes crazy on these hard dicks - sucking them with his full lips, licking them with an eager tongue and swallowing them deep in his talented throat. The guys talk it up, loving it as they pump Alan's mouth, moaning and groaning with dick-tingling pleasure. Each in turn gives Alan what he wants - creamy man juice in his mouth and on his face. In the end, Alan beats his meat as he fingers his hole. The guys feed him his own load and he is one satisfied cum piggie.
Tags:  cumshot   blowjob   muscles 
Categories:  Group Sex   Blow Jobs   Muscle Guys 
Added: by SX VIDEO
Length: 58 minutes | Viewed: 882 | Comments: 6
Director: Ben Baird
Performers:  Jack Surf   Chad   Eric Evans   Kris Anthony   Adam Collins   Armando Del Valle   Jade (SX   Joe Romero Alan Gregory 
Price: $6.96 (For 24 hour streaming views)
24 hr. Rental
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Grand Slam
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