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The Devil In Grandma Jones
Description: The Devil in Grandma Jones is a volcanic eruption of hellifyin' sex and humor. Satan is determined to draft Bik, the legendary athlete as head coach for the annual Heaven / Hell Olympics. Satan's plans are clipping along with the speed of a brimstone driven bullet-train, until Heaven plays its trump card. Grandma Jones and Chelly Supreme are sent down to derail his bevy of hot, pussy-slurpin' demons! Let the explosions begin!
Tags:  interracial   feature   big-tits   devil 
Categories:  Big Boobs   Fetish   Interracial 
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Length: 84 minutes | Viewed: 1880 | Comments: 0
Director: Ron Hightower
Performers:  Ginni Lewis   Ron Hightower   Carmel St. Claire   Chelly Supreme   Lisa Darling   Ric O\'Shea 
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