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Booty Bang 9
Description: When four delectable young vixens find their car broken down on a deserted stretch of road, they resign themselves to a long wait for help. Their prayers are answered (well, sort of) when Ron Jeremy comes by and offers his assistance. He brings the gals back to his place so that they can call for help. No sooner than they arrive, the gals are rummaging through the house in search of some food. When none appears, the gals decide to feast on the one thing they've got plenty of -- each other. Ron is more than happy to step into the action, and soon the video has turned into the same sort of reverse gang bang that this series is noted for. While Jeremy might not be the most appealing male star, the wanton women in this one are so fabulicious that you'll have a hard time tearing your eyes from them regardless. Shontal's a fresh-faced newcomer whose tasty little figure gets plenty of amorous attention from Jeremy and her fellow femmes. Menaja's tongue is as talented as ever, while luscious Carmel Lover's voluptuous frame provides its own thrills. Once again, though, Meka Johnson turns in the most hair-raising performance. Meka's natural exuberance and enthusiasm always come through in her scenes, and her high-energy work here will certainly make a fan out of you -- if you're not one already. A fine addition to the series, this one ranks as one of the best of its kind, even with Ron Jeremy in there!
Tags:  teens   interracial   anal   ebony 
Categories:  Ebony   Anal   Teens 
Added: by Heatwave
Length: 64 minutes | Viewed: 301 | Comments: 0
Director: Cool Breeze
Performers:  Ron Jeremy   Menage   Caramel Lover   Meka   Shontail 
Price: $5.09 (For 24 hour streaming views)
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Coochies Under Fire 5
Description: Coochies Under Fire 5 Starring: Meka Johnson, Shontelle, Caramel Lover, Menage Trois, Kitten, Vanessa Blue, Lil' Ass, Golden Jade.
Tags:  interracial   ebony   group-sex 
Categories:  Lesbian   Group Sex   Ebony 
Added: by Heatwave
Length: 55 minutes | Viewed: 196 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Vanessa Blue   Kitten   Menage Trois   Golden Jade   Lil\' Ass   Meka Johnson   Caramel Lover   Shontelle 
Price: $4.39 (For 24 hour streaming views)
24 hr. Rental
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Black Holes - Luscious Black Anal
Description: Fine black asses get big cock stuffed in them! Hot black chicks get their asses screwed raw and hard!
Tags:  hardcore   anal   ebony 
Categories:  Hardcore   Ebony   Anal 
Added: by Caballero Video
Length: 238 minutes | Viewed: 15411 | Comments: 1
Performers:  Monique   Obsession   Mercury Orbitz   Caramel Lover 
Price: $21.40 (For 24 hour streaming views)
24 hr. Rental
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Grand Slam
Length:50 min
Video Price:$5.58
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