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Girlfun 36
Description: Laikyn takes a dip in a luxurious hot tub over looking beautiful South Padre Island. She massages her large breasts and giggles a lot. Mason does a strip tease then blasts herself with a blue dildo. Megan starts off in the sauna alone then her hot friend Lindsey joins her for some finger banging action. Lourdes takes a bath then jet streams her clit until she orgasms. Cage strips and then grabs a huge dildo and rams herself with it until she oozes. Back to Laikyn, she gets out of the tub and softens her vagina with her fingers. Cage meets up with Mason for some oral and warms her up for the strap on.
Tags:  lesbian   all-sex   all-girl 
Categories:  Lesbian   Big Boobs   Toys 
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Length: 90 minutes | Viewed: 593 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Megan   Lindsey   Laikyn   Cage (f   Lourdes 
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