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Straight Guys For Gay Eyes Burt Marten
Description: Burt is a thick muscled Southern hunk who looks like he could be the captain of the football team. While he may be one of our younger Straight Guys, he has plenty of experience where it counts in the bedroom. In this scene Burt call all the right plays to score a touchdown!
Tags:  blow-jobs   hardcore   anal 
Categories:  Hardcore   Blow Jobs   Anal 
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Length: 117 minutes | Viewed: 378 | Comments: 1
Director: Jake Cruise
Performers:  Burt Marten 
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Massage Series 21: Man Handled
Description: After a bit of negotiation I was able to get straight, and super-hot, Michael Crowe onto the massage table. The only limit to my massage was no playing with his dick or ass, but with a body as gorgeously muscled as his, I was glad to oblige. So you'll see me worship this incredible man as he gets himself worked up until he gets up on his knees and, with his muscles tensing up, shoots his hot load all over the table.
Tags:  cumshot   masturbation   mature   muscles   str8-bait 
Categories:  Blow Jobs   Daddies   Muscle Guys 
Added: by Jake Cruise Media
Length: 106 minutes | Viewed: 364 | Comments: 4
Director: Jake Cruise
Performers:  Jake Cruise   Michael Crowe   Burt Marten   Eric Blaine 
Price: $10.61 (For 24 hour streaming views)
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Grand Slam
Length:50 min
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