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Spunk Sinners: Missionaries
Description: Riding the ******hung black priest and raw fucking his load into one of his "flock" will leave you shocked and your nuts empty. Father Johnson's cock is known in the congregation as the biggest black cock for breeding. All the altar boys line up to take his raw cock every Sunday. One this special "fast Sunday" the father has two loads for his hungry disciple. Gang bang of missionaries on one hungry fuck hole. Each and everyone take turns breeding and seeding Damien Silver's insatiable fuck hole. With each load his hole gets bigger and sloppier with fresh cum flying out his fucked sperm hole. You can just smell the cum watching him get fucked. The chief of the tribe can't get enough of raw missionary hole. He pumps and pumps and plants his seed deep in an already cum filled ass
Tags:  muscle-guys   anal 
Categories:  Muscle Guys   Anal 
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Length: 104 minutes | Viewed: 750 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Woody Long   Damien Silver   Father Johnson   Barry Holehead   Lanny Luxor   Daddy Longshot 
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