Videos performed by Austin Moore

Superstar Domonique
Description: Dark chocolate skin, beautiful breasts and the nastiest mind any ponr star would love to have. Perhaps the most inf luential black female performer ever to take it off in front of an adult camera. There are stars who walk in front of the camera and go through the motions, and there are stars like Domonique, that truly strive and enjoy their exhibitionist nature. She actually feeds off the crew and performers and the though that thousands of others will be watching her. Men, women, orals, and anals... there's nothing this ebony princess won't do to please her loyal fan following!
Tags:  anal   blowjob   big-boobs 
Categories:  Big Boobs   Blowjob   Anal 
Added: by Leisure Time Usa
Length: 188 minutes | Viewed: 780 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Tony Martino   Ron Jeremy   Sheila Stone   Steve Drake   Domonique Simone   Dan Steele   Ryan Block   Sean Rider   Austin Moore   Nina Suave 
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Ultimate Sensations
Description: The old sex the*******plot gets trotted out for another trip round the porno block in this surprisingly torrid video. Houston and Alex Sanders play a couple who are having a rather serious problem in the sack -- they can't seem to ever reach orgasm. They go to see a the*******who has some rather eye-opening methods of dealing with their situation. The 'treatment' consists of watching other folks engaged in all manner of sex acts and seeing what comes up. While the plot is pretty stupid and unbelievable, the sex is uniformly scorching throughout. Carli, Monique DeMoan and Caressa Savage take one another on in a sex toy-fueled threesome lesbian stunner that's easily one of the flick's hottest. The most over-the -top performance belongs (once again) to Missy, who lets it all hang out in a furious double dip with Mickey G. and Jay Ashley. In the end, Houston and Alex find what they're looking for -- and you will too, if it's fast-paced, sweaty sexuality you're out for.
Tags:  fetish   lesbian   anal 
Categories:  Lesbian   Fetish   Anal 
Added: by L.B.O.
Length: 99 minutes | Viewed: 472 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Lovette   Mickey G   Alex Sanders   Jay Ashley   Missy   Alex Dane   John Decker   Houston   Caressa Savage   Monique DeMoan   Carli   Austin Moore 
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Grand Slam
Length:50 min
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