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Description: The service is the perfect place for Roni, because "servicing" is what she does best. She shows her soldier boyfriend a couple of close quarter maneuvers with his first class privates and, generally distinguishes herself with a major dildo. "Ashley, as sometimes happens, finds her tits to be too dry. Fortunately Ian has the solution to her problem. A steamy session of "ucking" (of the "f" and "s" variety) and a sticky stream of goo shot all over her boobies. Thank you very much. Young Sonoma is inducted into the Sam Smythe's personal Hall of Anal Penetration and Facial Effluvium. Her acceptance speech, as she accepts the "Cummie" is of a guttural kind...moans and groans of pleasure!
Tags:  hardcore   blowjob   amateur 
Categories:  Hardcore   Blowjob   Amateur 
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Length: 67 minutes | Viewed: 605 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Ashley Morrison   Ian Daniels   Jerry   Max Hardcore   Roni Raye   Sonoma 
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