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The Spanking Of Wayward Jane
Description: he Spanking Of Wayward Jane serves up some delicious punishment - and the recipient is a curvy young blonde! When a naughty and rebellious young woman is sent for correction and training, you can expect some very strict discipline indeed from The Master! But this time has he finally found his match? Can even The Master get through to Jane? You will have to watch to find out! There is also a very interesting and unusual bonus on this dvd, featuring a pair of bad girls who find themselves in a situation they are completely unprepared for! It seems The Master has invited an audience to watch his every move! If you are into Spanking this is most definitely a film you do not want to miss!
Tags:  fetish   mature   spank 
Categories:  Fetish   Mature   Miscellaneous 
Added: by English Amateurs
Length: 46 minutes | Viewed: 1483 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Antonia Deona   Karlie Simon   Leah Caprice 
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