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Northwest Pecker Trek 3 Ducks and Dicks
Description: Fowl Play – Rodney's on his dinghy feeding the duckies when Kim joins him...he feeds her his ‘dickie’. He puts his dickie in all her outputs and juices her jowls real good. "Banana Bitches – Two sightseeing Lesbians share real bananas on the beach and rubber bananas in the butt and all the other orifices. Quite a sight to see. "The Babysitter – Lynx is young and barely legal, but she screws and sucks like a pro. Her babysitting job ends with cum splashed all over her face. "Ass Under Glass – Randy proves his love for backdoor-loving Vanessa by doing her long hard in her ass. He finishes by cumming all over a glass table...which she dutifully cleans with her tongue. "Buttable – Rodney finds a dining table made from two women's butts. Naturally he gorges himself on their assholes. Then he satisfies their craving for his cock. And for dessert, naturally.
Tags:  fetish   lesbian   anal 
Categories:  Lesbian   Fetish   Anal 
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Length: 113 minutes | Viewed: 640 | Comments: 0
Performers:  Rodney Moore   Vanessa   Lynx Dyan   Vladimir   Alica   Daymon   Kim Odessa   Randy   Vivian 
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