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Older Women and Younger Women 3
Description: Five tales of lust between older women and younger women! Michelle St. James serves as more than just a sholder to cry on for a ***********jilted by her boyfriend, in a touching tale of lesbian bonding. Mariah Cherry just got invited to stay with one of the older female excutives at a ranch retreat, seems that a certain older women is willing to open a few doors.. Just for her! Jasmine Lynn and Sharon Kane star as a young *****school teacher and an elder educator. Showing the ropes to the inexpirenced can always be fun! Promise and Alexis star as a neighbor and ***********who is home for the holidays and sent next door to borrow a cup of sugar sweet brown sugar, that is! Felix Vicious and Emerald star in a tale of superior women in a man's world!
Tags:  lesbian   toys   mature 
Categories:  Mature   Lesbian   Toys 
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Length: 85 minutes | Viewed: 1292 | Comments: 1
Director: Stiv Gators
Performers:  Felix Vicious   Jasmine Lynn   Alexis On Fire   Malorie Marx 
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