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Description: Grey Rose Productions' first movie in the black & white trilogy introduces hot, hung and hairy Jake Mitchell in his first cum dripping feature. Jake takes four other hot, hung and hairy sex pigs into his world of black and white sucking and fucking. The music by Butt Boy Music keeps these studs filling any hole close to them. All have black masks on because this is Jake's fantasy sex world. And they all look like him with shaved heads, facial hair and beefy bodies to go along with their high ****sex drive. Jacob Scott, Kor Newman, Scott Ramm and Logan round out the studs in Jake's black and white fuck fantasy — but can you tell who is who? This movie is in black and white.
Tags:  interracial 
Categories:  Interracial 
Added: by Grey Rose Productions
Length: 63 minutes | Viewed: 275 | Comments: 0
Director: Thornton Grey
Performers:  Logan   Jake Mitchell   Jacob Scott   Kor Newman   Scott Ramm 
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