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At the start of this video you get a great view of the smooth bubble ass that will be owned by papi by the end of part 2 - hot! We start off with him wetting my dick but soon I start eating him out (at 1.27) - I go in deep with my tongue. Watch me motorboat with his ass cheeks (at 2.22) - this guy is hot. More face fucking before I enter his hole (at 6.06). A mixture of long deep strokes and hard fast ones shock his sphincter into early submission but not enough for me. At 8.06 you can see me mount him for some hard, deep "papi style" pounding, driving my dick hard into his guts, scratching the inside edges of his anus every way I can. His ass is so responsive I can feel it is already mine but I go for a final doggy style fuck to pave the way for the ass to mouth and further ass destruction you can see in part 2. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND COMMENT IF YOU HAVE ENJOYED THIS VIDEO AND WANT ME TO POST MORE. thanks.

Tags: cock : cum : ass : dick : anal : mouth : monster : daddy : hairy : orgasm : spain : papi : macho : madrid : ruff : machofucker
Categories: Hunks : Daddies : Anal
Added: March 07, 2014, 04:35 AM
Runtime: 09:40 | Viewed: 11805 | Comments: 10 | Favs: 0

Here's the second part of me fucking the sexy Madrileno bottom. It starts of with some hot ass to mouth - I pull out, adjust the black condom and them he sucks my wet dick like a bitch. After that I carry on with the no mercy, ruff fucking - there's not a piece of his ass I don't get to in my quest to ruin his hole, varying positions until his insides ache. There's more ass to mouth at 4.26 (I love that) and some papi-style pounding before he has a full anal orgasm (at 9.08). I am not interested in that so the fucking continues until I get what I want. This was a long, hard session - you can see how the light changes - I go for a final fuck - see my dick in another black condom at 10.15 and he had another full orgasm at 10.46 - this guy is horny. By this time his prostrate is well and truly destroyed, I have fucked the last bit of jizz out of him and victory is to Papisfado. SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND COMMENT IF YOU ENJOY MY VIDEOS AND WANT MORE.

Tags: cock : cum : ass : dick : anal : mouth : monster : daddy : hairy : orgasm : spain : papi : macho : madrid : ruff : machofucker
Categories: Muscle Guys : Hardcore : Big Cock
Added: March 05, 2014, 07:04 AM
Runtime: 11:00 | Viewed: 8468 | Comments: 15 | Favs: 0

 Blowin' Travis.
I Love Sucking Dick And This Dude Has One Of The Best Pipes To Swallow. He Didn't Believe My Deepthroat Was As Fire As It Was...Case Proven...

Tags: black : white : dick : interracial : big : young : blowjob : twink : sucking : deepthroat : hung : verbal
Categories: Ebony : Interracial : Blow Jobs
Added: April 11, 2014, 08:37 PM
Runtime: 04:04 | Viewed: 5227 | Comments: 14 | Favs: 0

 Blowin' Joey.
Showing My Straight Italian Ex-Roomate Joey What A Deepthroat Should Feel Like....You Hear The Reaction..

Tags: black : white : interracial : blowjobs : sucking : deepthroat : italian
Categories: Ebony : Interracial : Blow Jobs
Added: April 11, 2014, 09:40 PM
Runtime: 03:52 | Viewed: 4732 | Comments: 9 | Favs: 0

 Blowin' Fred.
Diamond Cream Facial From My Stud From Across The Pond....

Tags: black : white : interracial : blowjob : facial : daddy : sucking : deepthroat : accent
Categories: Blow Jobs : Interracial : Ebony
Added: April 11, 2014, 10:00 PM
Runtime: 00:56 | Viewed: 2731 | Comments: 4 | Favs: 0

 Blowin' Tim.
This Guy Loves Head And I Love Giving Head So We Make A Good Match.

Tags: black : interracial : blowjob : sucking : deepthroat : hung : verbal
Categories: Ebony : Interracial : Blow Jobs
Added: April 12, 2014, 05:46 PM
Runtime: 01:53 | Viewed: 5201 | Comments: 4 | Favs: 0

 Blowin' Trav
My Friend Trav Comes Back For Some Sloppy Seconds...I Love Deepthroating His Big Dick...

Tags: black : white : interracial : blowjob : sucking : throat : deepthroat : licking
Categories: Ebony : Interracial : Blow Jobs
Added: April 12, 2014, 06:10 PM
Runtime: 07:38 | Viewed: 7416 | Comments: 4 | Favs: 0

This hot Hungarian twink made me an hour late to meet my friends for dinner - I was so enjoying my hardcore session with him that I didn't want to leave. In this video, I start by skull fucking him - he had a low gag reflex but, after a few minutes of papi's wrist thick dick, his eyes started to bulge & water and I found his gag, lol. After that, I start to fuck him; you can see the pleasure and pain as my fat cock reaches deep into his intestines. He wants to stop (at 5.13) but of course my wishes come first so soon I am pushing myself deeper into his twink hole, changing positions to get the most pleasure. We break again and (at 9.10) he takes my dick ass to mouth (including condom); you can see him lick his lips as he tastes his ass: I fuck his face just to make sure he cleans my dick properly. For the final fuck he lies on his stomach so I can go deep and then doggy style before he finally can take no more. For sure, I am going to fuck him again next time I am in town. There lots of views of my fat dick for all of those who have asked so if you like this and want me to keep posting these free videos then please subscribe, rate and comment on them. Cheers.

Tags: cock : ass : fuck : dick : hardcore : bear : anal : twink : monster : daddy : bitch : hung : papi : hungarian : macho : atm : hungary : machofucker
Categories: Hardcore : Big Cock : Anal
Added: January 29, 2014, 11:55 AM
Runtime: 12:54 | Viewed: 18660 | Comments: 33 | Favs: 0

If you want to see a real balls deep fuck then watch me and fellow xtuber lewislad1 get it on in this video. As soon as this hot guy answered the door in his worn trackies and t shirt, I knew I was in a for a good fuck - hope you agree when you see the results here. First of all I fuck his face, slapping my wrist thick dick against his cheeks and pushing it into his mouth. I treat his mouth like it is a moist pussy but soon I want the real thing. I start off with some doggy style pounding (including "papi style" around 3.57) but by 4.59 I start to go balls deep. First on the side then with him flat on his stomach you can see a genuine balls deep fuck with my bull sack banging against his sweet hole. If his tight hole wasn't stretched enough by my fat dick already, I would push my low hangers in but it isn't possible. After going balls deep, I start getting him ready for a further pounding that you can see in part 2. If you enjoyed this video and want me to keep posting more then please SUBSCIBE, RATE and COMMENT. If want want to make a video with me for xtube also then be sure to get in touch, cheers.

Tags: cock : ass : fuck : dick : bear : daddy : balls : bitch : xtube : pound : deep : dominant : sub : papi : macho : machofucker : papisafado : lewislad1
Categories: Daddies : Big Cock : Amateur
Added: April 07, 2014, 05:49 AM
Runtime: 09:19 | Viewed: 6922 | Comments: 10 | Favs: 0

Part two of me inside the sweet hole of hot, fellow xtuber Lewislad1. We start off with a slow deep fuck: I am trying to open him up as much as I can so that the hard pounding he is about to receive goes as deep as possible. After a slow intimate start, the "papi style" pounding can begin. I want to totally destroy the inner muscles of his ass and make it completely my own. I go at it from lots of angles and using lots of positions including the not often seen "flying fuck" (at 6.28). Sometimes, when I pound him, I hold him tight in my arms, other times (5.02, 5.52, 7.17) I give him re-assuring kisses but all the time my wrist thick dick (which you can see at 2.21) is driving deep inside his colon. The battery ran out on my camera at the end (you can see that by then I had started to hard, deep thrusts) but, for sure, by the end of the session, his ass was fully mine. It was great to fuck a fellow xtuber and we hope that you enjoyed watching the video as much as we did making it - let me know. Please SUBSCRIBE, RATE and COMMENT if you want to keep posting more of these or let me know if you want to make a video for xtube with me.

Tags: cock : ass : fuck : dick : bear : daddy : bitch : xtube : pound : dominant : sub : papi : macho : machofucker : papisafado : lewislad1
Categories: Hardcore : Anal : Amateur
Added: April 05, 2014, 04:35 AM
Runtime: 08:21 | Viewed: 5567 | Comments: 15 | Favs: 0

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