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Unsuspecting Guys With Small Cocks
 Many of us have been there: he’s tall, he’s gorgeous, he has a rugged male physique. We imagine that he’s got the cock to go with his looks. Then we hook up with him or see him in the shower at the gym, and are surprised that he has a small cock. While the size of a guy’s cock doesn’t matter to me, I have met guys who have told me about some of their experiences of not having a cock that matches other’s expectations. If you are one of those guys, then this group is for you. I don’t think the size of a guy’s cock makes the man. I invite you to add you pics and videos, share your stories and experience. Show us how you can use what you’ve got and help each other and the rest of us to see that a hot cock is a hot cock, no matter what size it is.
Tags: ass : cock : cum : dick : fuck : hot : jerk : jizz : little : load : oral : penis : pole : semen : shoot : short : small : sperm : spunk : stump : suck : tiny
Categories: Gay
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Created by: timewithyou 4 years ago
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i am one of those butch, football player type with a tiny one smallrodmontreal 0 January 27, 2012 N/A
Hi guys. How's it going? Great pics and vids. Thanks for joining the group. timewithyou 0 July 2, 2010 N/A

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