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Sink-Pissers - for guys who LIKE pissing in sinks!

 This is a group for blokes who like to piss in sinks.OK, most guys have done it from time to time - sink in the hotel room or dorm, toilet in the bathroom down the hall - the sink's just so much closer and easier.  X-Tube is full of videos of us men pissing into sinks or wash-basins in order to get a nice shot of the stream to titilate others.But how many of us actually piss in sinks every chance we get - not because we're too lazy to walk to the bathroom or because some friend or relative is taking hours to get ready or have a dump - but because we actually LIKE doing so?I've been a sink-pisser ever since I was tall enough, whether it be in the kitchen or bathroom at home; in a locked toilet/bathroom/cubicle (whatever you choose to call one of those single-occupancy rooms with a sink and toilet) on a train or plane or in a cafe, gas/petrol station, or even at work or college; whenever I visit friends or relatives and find a lock on their bathroom door; or even right there in an open restoom when someone could walk in at any time and catch me in the act. So maybe you think I'm a sick bastard or two sandwiches short of a picnic?  Maybe I am!  But there are others like me!  If my sink-peeing habits sound a bit familar to you, then hopefully you will join this group and the sink-pissing-dudes of X-Tube can hang out together, post their best videos and photos, and maybe have a chin-wag and share some stories! PISS IN THE SINK, GUYS - IT'S THE WAY FORWARD!  

Tags: basin : bathroom : fetish : pee : peeing : piss : pissing : restroom : sink : toilet : urinating : urine
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Created by: SPeeG 8 years ago
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