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Groups: rosebudprolapse

Rosebud/Prolapse Lovers
 I am addicted to the male rosebud and prolapse! I am obsessed with having mine sucked and fucked and love to do the same to another hot guy. But there are hardly any videos on Xtube that show this, and it seems to be very hard to meet people who share this interedt. There must be more of us out there, so let's come out of the woodwork and show the world all the amazing things that he body can do and what an amazing and intense feelingit is to produce a rosebud/prolapse. I know that women are into it too, and some straight women even get off on the prolapse of men! HOT! So let's all form a network of men and women who can rosebud/prolapse their ass and a network of the many people who love to suck, fuck, and watch us as we accomplish this beautiful and amazing act of pleasure. It could be fun to even organize rosebud/prolapse parties around the world where we could meet each other and show-off our rosebuds/prolapse for each other, and post the vids on Xtube! What do you think!? Happy Rosebudding ~ Rosebudjock
Tags: fetish : prolapse : rosebud
Categories: Gay
Type: Public
Created by: rosebudjock 5 years ago
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Forum Messages
Topic Author Posts Created On Last Post
Got a manhole with fat lips on it, and now looking to take it to the next level with a rosebud. Any fit London lads out there speedofix 0 May 14, 2014 N/A
uk based butt hole for use jpbxtube 0 March 4, 2014 N/A
FFun in LA FFlatinrose 1 January 30, 2014 4 months ago
Horned up bottom guy here in Normal Heights area of San Diego. Need a HOT FF Top to stretch my hole, help my rosebud bloom nastyleatherguy 0 December 18, 2013 N/A
Horned up bottom guy here in Normal Heights area of SD. Need a HOT FF Top to open my rosebud again. nastyleatherguy 0 December 18, 2013 N/A
Near Laurel, MD, Need my rosebud fucked good. Safe play only. Str8/Bi A+ Cannot host, but can travel or meet in public.. jockcunt 1 November 30, 2013 5 months ago
Near Laurel, MD Need My Rosebud Fucked Good jockcunt 0 November 30, 2013 N/A
Near Laurel, MD Need My Rosebud Fucked Good jockcunt 0 November 30, 2013 N/A
Tips on prolapse development Swedishpumper 2 August 4, 2013 3 months ago
Looking for pumped-out prolapsed rosebuds in San Francisco - on juicy bottom asspussys, or versatile flipflop rosebud pumpi. FistingFun4u 1 May 13, 2013 5 months ago
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