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Nikki666 Productions in Oakland/East Bay, CA

 This is a group started by ME, and featuring ME. I just started making films and would like to find more people to work with so that I can produce a wide variety of content! I feel like I have found my true calling!! We'll see... Anyways, check out my stuff on here, if you're into either me or someone you see and are close by then lets make it work! I'm looking for candidates for threesomes; bi guys and bi girls. Hopefully after I have a few people signed up, we can make orgy movies! Always my dream! I approve all membership to this group. If you get in, you have passed the hottness test and will be on your way to making a video with MOI! How exciting! I'm titalated!!! I cant wait for some responses! Holla back yall!Whatever! I changed it anyone can join. It was too hard to select people out when their pic doesnt show up with the request. If you are serious about this then you'd want to post a vidy in here. I get a crapload of pm's and have a bad memory. Here I can come back to you. I want to see some posts damnit!!!If you have a skill you could contribute, like video editing, lighting, make-up and costume, etc., please speak up! I need partners! I don't think I can do everything even though I'll sure as hell try. I'm looking to form an alliance among nymphos to use our obsessions for the greater good- to make money!!! The ecomony(from Idocracy:-) sucks! Fuck a real job! Lets make porn! i have the hook-up on a sound studio that we can dress real easy. I have one photographer that good with stills, a guy with a decent camcorder, and tons of hot dudes that want to fuck. I need a good filmer. I need females-even if just for doing make-up or getting some still shots taken. I need people who are serious about doing business together and not just looking to get laid! I've found a couple. Just not my co-star i guess. It's easier to do a bunch of diff things with one person. If I'm totally relaxed with that person then I'm relaxed no matter who is there. Where is my leading man? Or maybe lady? I go both ways! ;-)

Tags: bi : eastbay : filming : foursomes : hookups : orgy : porn : threesomes
Categories: Bisexual
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Created by: nikki6669 7 years ago
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anything going on in the san jose area?? =o/ keepnumoist23 0 January 26, 2012 N/A
new to the east bay email us to chat mdgroup00 0 January 14, 2012 N/A
East Bay Ebony CD looking to have fome fun this week, preferebly with another hot CD or good lookin guy. qBallsensei 0 February 15, 2011 N/A
East Bay Ebony CD looking to have fome fun this week, preferebly with another hot CD or good lookin guy. qBallsensei 0 February 15, 2011 N/A
I'm interested in XXX modeling. BlackLatino407 0 May 16, 2010 N/A
Like to help with you adult films...Bi man here suckitwell 0 August 26, 2009 N/A
calif here would love to work free anytime iam rob--ROB_PETERS2002@YAHOO.COM THANKS subcocksuckerslave58 0 July 5, 2009 N/A
WOULD LoVE TO Learn more LadyJsbb 0 June 12, 2009 N/A
Would die to make a good BSDM Film LadyJsbb 0 June 12, 2009 N/A
Availible for whatever in video cruiser_67 0 December 7, 2008 N/A
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