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 Well there's a turn of events for you - the SCUM that steals videos from xtube and spammed xtube for 3 months is now advertising on xtube. Hung Black Bfs, Little Asian Bfs, Real College BFs, Bear Bfs, these are all websites funded by YOUR videos stolen from here. Furthermore an xtube member jayjayno1 unfortunately was tricked by these scammers and posted a warning: Just to warn you guys out there, this page is a SCAM. I signed up for a two day trial. Even after doing it, I couldn't access anything on the site. So I cancel the trial, maybe about 15 minutes after signing up. Lo and behold, my bank calls and tells me that the parent site charged me for the membership. THREE TIMES!!!! Seriously, use caution when going to sites like this. I've learned a lesson: I'll stick to Xtube. It's free.

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Created by: BanTheXtubeSpammer 5 years ago
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Hello, how are you doing? If you like my videos, photos or profile. Could you rate my profile please ? That would help me (Waiting for approval) MephistosM... 0 July 23, 2015 N/A
Michael Phelps Huge Uncut Cock, weekend update at (Waiting for approval) thebestgay 0 May 29, 2015 N/A
new hOLLYWOOd naked male celebrities at : (Waiting for approval) thebestgay 0 April 18, 2015 N/A
Watch me Orgasm (Waiting for approval) herbert_rj 0 January 25, 2015 N/A
french boys are here ! (Waiting for approval) monblogdep... 0 November 26, 2014 N/A
Please note onlyrealguys spams here is stolen videos. No right to sell, no right to have on his site. BanTheXtub... 0 October 5, 2011 N/A
add XXLbfs and teenguysnaked to the list teenguysna... 0 October 5, 2011 N/A
X-tube took down my hot vids for no reason and now come to find out they are on at least two tube sites;one is an affiliate o HornyBIWM 2 August 13, 2011 4 years ago
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