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Worship Cock And Cum

 We worship the God of Raw Breeder Dicks, the God of Cum Spurting Cocks and Sperm Dripping Raw Fuckholes who can make all our nasty perverted desires blissfully come true as we all fuck and breed in lustful abandon. There are NO limits to the intense sexual ecstasy and euphoria we can enjoy if we always put the needs of our cocks and asses above all else, always gathering and swapping sperm with as many men as we can. Horny men born with a primordial need to fuck raw and breed the cum hungry asses of insatiable sluts who constantly crave and enjoy rock hard, anonymous bare cocks squirting load after load into their hot dripping fuckholes. We worship the power and glory of all RAW COCKS and the delightful juices they provide to us. By worshipping cock and cum above all else we enjoy the ultimate happiness of an abundance of cum from an unlimited number of cocks, the supreme immediate pleasures of raw fucking, and an ever-intensifying horniness for more cock and sperm. Our devotion to cock and cum will fulfill all our wonderful lustful desires. Dedicate your life to raw cocks and bare asses and you will be happy beyond your wildest expectations. Join us in offering our bodies to the God of Raw Breeder Dicks, and for the total pleasures and intense enjoyment of all horny men needing to get off. Put all your faith in cock and cum, the only worshippable pleasure, and you will never go wrong. Bow down to every hard raw cock and open asshole, worship and serve all horny men without any discrimination by always collecting, giving, swapping and spreading as much sperm as you can from every cock you can find. Men were never meant for monogamous relationships, which are unnatural to our true primal instincts. We were created to fuck and breed on impulse as often as we can without restraint, giving and getting all the sperm nectar we can with an endless number of casual fuck partners. Fucking and breeding in uninhibited lust and desire and enjoying a frenzy of throbbing cocks erupting sperm in lustful satisfaction from multiple random sex encounters. Join us and celebrate the glory of raw cocks dumping their cock juices into hungry mouths and asses.

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Created by: AlwaysFuckRaw 5 years ago
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