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Pizza and Delivery Guy Flashers

 this group is for men and women who will flash the pizza guy or any delivery and service guy. answer the door wearing only a towel and then " accidentally " drop it...stand in front of an open window and show off what you have to the garbage man...or just answer the door naked for your mail carrier. just make sure you record it all and post it on this site. just be careful because they might not find it funny. do this at your own risk. but every time my ex-mistresses have done it they always found it funny or cool. a special thank you goes out to any one who uploads a video or picture. good luck, have fun and keep it safe. ---max

Tags: boobs : breasts : delivery : exposing : flashing : guy : pizza : pussy : service : tits : vagina
Categories: Bisexual
Type: Public
Created by: max0mer 6 years ago
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have any women on this site ever flashed any delivery or service guy? max0mer 0 August 15, 2009 N/A

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