Humpsturbating women

Description: for women or people who like to see women masturbate themselves by humping pillows,blankets,stuffed animals,bed corners,couch arms or anything of that sort
Tags: humping : masturbate : women
Categories: Lesbian
Type: Public
Created: 6 years ago by loganey
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 got dick/yea i got alot of it

Description: this is fa all the people in jersey thats just dont got time ta such all day fa sex ,cause u might dont have much time and u want it now so here it is....its for who ever thats tryna keep there area stay with there minds only but if u need some good dick holla at marcus
Tags: dick : fucking : jersey : sex : sucking
Categories: Lesbian
Type: Public
Created: 3 years ago by ummmi
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 washington state Cam girls

Description: IF you like to be in front of a camera and live audience in my kitty arena (room) My webcams and lights and tounge and fingers and toys would love to be workin with you
Tags: bisexual : curlysuexxxx : katarena : models. : olympia : state : washington : webcam
Categories: Lesbian
Type: Public
Created: 3 years ago by CurlySueXXXX
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 Girls for Girls - lesbian looking for sex

Description: For girls who wanna meet girls for fun, sex, drink, sex, foreplay, sex, toy fun, sex
Tags: lesbian : licking : pussy
Categories: Lesbian
Type: Protected
Created: 6 years ago by lilmzleslondon
Stats : 3 Members | 0 Video | 0 Photo Album | 2 Topics

 People For A Separate Lesbian Section On Xtube

Description: It continues to boggle the mind that lesbians are categorized into the overall straight section of Xtube.  Lesbianism and heterosexuality are two completely different things- if they weren't, they'd have the same name. So this is the group you need to join to raise your protest- the more members we have, the stronger a message we are sending to Xtube that girls who like girls are just as valid and worthy of their own categorization as the straight folks and the gay men. You don't have to be lesbian to join this group and believe in its ideals- you don't even have to be female! Please, be active- talk in the forums, invite/tell others, and support the movement! Just to make sure it's clear, everybody and anybody can join if they believe that there should be a separate lesbian section; it's not necessarily that the members are themselves lesbians.
Tags: change : dyke : gay : lesbian : lesbo : lez : lezzie : queer : section : straight : xtube
Categories: Lesbian
Type: Public
Created: 6 years ago by queerchick
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girl licking pussy, getting fingered, fucked by dildos, strapons, and fucking other girls

Tags: ass : pussy : tits
Categories: Lesbian
Type: Public
Created: 7 years ago by rg30
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 Lesbians in nyc

Description: For Lesbians,Bisexuals.Everyone is welcomed!
Tags: bisexual : ebony : latina : lesbian
Categories: Lesbian
Type: Public
Created: 3 years ago by Ima_Nympho
Stats : 7 Members | 0 Video | 1 Photo Album | 2 Topics

 Lesbian and Bisexual Women Around the World

Description: Finally a group for all lesbian, bi or those women interested in the subject around the globe. Note to all the men: You are by definition not lesbian or bi women, no matter how hard you try. So please safe me the time of having to delete you. Thanks! P.S. Please check out the first thread on the last page and introduce yourselves!!! Or start a new one and introduce yourself there!
Tags: bi : bi-curious : bisexual : hot : les : lesbian : women
Categories: Lesbian
Type: Public
Created: 7 years ago by sweet_julia83
Stats : 745 Members | 72 Videos | 110 Photo Albums | 92 Topics

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