from MasseurBenny [2014-01-28 08:22:47 am]
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A Good Stiff Handjob
Fucking hot man! More of that good stock....
from mamelon1085 [2012-09-01 07:42:55 pm]
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You are a Star!
Wow! You are a star and just more proof that the hottest men in the world live in the UK and I'm here in California, wankin off as I watch them, and longin to touch and taste and savour....thanks
from uncut8nhard [2012-07-07 03:17:25 pm]
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A Good Stiff Handjob
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from an anonymous user [2011-07-18 07:14:24 am]
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very hot man, keep it up
from mannywsu [2011-04-16 01:42:13 pm]
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