Blow Job (by a Man)
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from an anonymous user [2014-01-19 07:39:08 pm]
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Nice Big Cock
You have the biggest thickest most flawless COCK on all of xTube & I've been on here almost 7 years. Have u ever thought abt going AMATEUR & making $1000's? I can help u, Billy from NC
from LuvHairyM [2013-06-20 08:26:22 pm]
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Just a reminder HOW DAMN AWESOME I think u r. As a student do u accept donations via PAYPAL 2 help u thru school? If so, please send it 2 me. Thanks, Billy from NC
from LuvHairyM [2013-06-20 08:21:02 pm]
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Blow Job (by a Man)
And one to round the line out becasue I sure as HELL would love to give you a full body massage (I\'m a certified the*******& pharmacist if you ever need me) followed by one of the best blow jobs you ever had. Billy from NC
from LuvHairyM [2010-05-13 09:57:47 pm]
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Porn Star
One gift looked way too FUCKING lonely down there for a SUPER HOT STUD like you. I guess those women just aren\'t thoughtful enough to show you how much you mean to them! Love, Billy from NC
from LuvHairyM [2010-05-13 09:56:21 pm]
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You are a Super Star!
Your videos are near professional and you are more GORGEOUS and better HUNG than ANY PORN STAR & at age 19! I\'d rather pay to watch your videos anyday. Do you accept PAYPAL donations? I can not believe you have NO GIFTS! Love, Billy from NC
from LuvHairyM [2010-05-13 09:54:53 pm]
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