from baitu [2012-05-09 12:47:18 pm]
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Nice Big Cock
Anonymous User
from an anonymous user [2011-10-30 09:07:51 pm]
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A Good Stiff Handjob
from observador2 [2010-12-30 10:49:00 am]
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Porn Star
Self-explainatory. You are fucking amazing. One of the best guys I\'ve ever seen on here in 3 years of membership. I\'m sure I have viewed over 10,000 guys and you are in the top 5. REALLY FUCKING HOT IN EVERY WAY. CHEERS! Billy from NC USA
from LuvHairyM [2010-01-20 02:53:14 pm]
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You are a Super Star!
Baby, your profile photo ALONE qualifies you for this award as a SUPER STAR! You are amazing. THat fucking hot body and GORGEOUS HUGE COCK! DAMN you are a 12 out of a 10 if there ever was one on xTube! Billy from NC USA
from LuvHairyM [2010-01-20 02:51:19 pm]
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