Kissy Lips
Miss you papi! sending some love
from NMsFinestLatino87 [2012-03-08 12:50:18 am]
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A Good Stiff Handjob
You're too Hot, Dawg. Let's have a cockfight sometime; loser eats a cumload. We're both in Sur Califas. Get at me.
from SurS1deR1derF1rme [2010-12-18 11:30:43 am]
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You are Hott
from pelonbombero999 [2009-02-16 04:09:50 pm]
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Wana Give It To Me?
from boyjock773 [2009-02-10 09:49:05 pm]
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You are a Super Star!
Now, I know I'm in Love, Papi. Conquer me; I'm YOURS por vida!
from ISO_LaTiNoThUgZ [2009-01-31 11:09:13 am]
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