Love Me
from iloveXMEN [2012-03-08 12:53:42 am]
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I Love You
be my love
from sven37 [2008-03-04 10:15:43 am]
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Little Angel
from keumok [2008-01-18 03:16:45 am]
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A Good Stiff Handjob
remember the circle jerk days~~~ lol
from fierybangbangboy [2008-01-13 08:51:52 pm]
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Nice Big Cock
thx for bein' my friend for such a long time mate ;) So here's my message to you all who question one of my best bros! He really does have a phallic god in his pants ppl!
from jackmeoffhard [2007-12-26 05:43:22 pm]
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Play Safe! Xtra Large
ahahaha. u and gcx0luv have fun now =P
from venus_as_a_boy [2007-12-26 04:23:02 pm]
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Blow Job (by a Man)
Because You deserve it and it feels good!
from rdybilly [2007-12-25 11:00:58 pm]
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Boy Love
you rocked my world last night!
from gcx0luv [2007-12-24 09:04:50 pm]
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