Blow Job (by a Man)
Thank you 4 accepting my friend invitation! IT'S AN HONOR 2 have a real 100% natural all man like u as a friend. Wish I could show u how good a non-feminine man could make u feel! Billy from NC
from LuvHairyM [2012-09-28 03:22:46 pm]
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Porn Star
As far as any one suggesting u shave that MAGNIFICENT HAIRY body, they are fucking crazy! BTW, even IF YOU ever let a guy suck ur cock, that in NO WAY makes u gay or is having gay sex. Billy
from LuvHairyM [2012-09-25 10:46:35 pm]
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You are a Super Star!
If u will take a chance & trust me, you'll find gay bottom guys will respect you as str8, appreciate you and do things on HERE for you to boost ur ego MUCH MORE than any woman will! Billy
from LuvHairyM [2012-09-25 10:43:59 pm]
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