Plump and Juicy

Plump and Juicy
Description: Have you ever wondered how to prepare your man for roasting. Sure seeing him slow roast on a spit over an open fire is a true delight for the connaisseuse, but how do you get him there. In Cooking Basics with Rochelle, learn how to prepare him. The proper way to tie him so that every inch is receiving the optimum amount of heat distribution while cooking is so important . Rochelle demonstrates this and other techniques. Learn how to enjoy the more taboo parts of the body and savour their unique flavour. Participate in the sacred ritual of extracting the special sauce that gives the meat just the right delicate taste that you will enjoy immensely. Come with Rochelle on a cooking adventure on Cooking Basics with Rochelle. You’ll be glad you did.
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Tags:  miscellaneous 
Categories:  Miscellaneous 
Added: 5 years ago
Studio: Osk Productions Inc.
Duration: 31 minutes
Views: 243   |   Comments: 0
Performers:  Maxwell Schmart   Rochelle Roxx 
Production Year: 2009

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Scene: 1   Length: 31:00     $2.49 for 24 Hour Rental or $0.110 Pay per Minute
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