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Please check out my latest video of me jacking off in my car in jeans:  
Jan 19, 2015

Check out my latest video. I jerk off outside in the woods, talking and flexing my cock...then I cum into a cup.  
Jul 26, 2014

I am really horny so I stop in the car - start wanking and then get out of the car and jerk it till I cum on the parking lot. Wearing my American Eagle boxers too. Love them.  
Jun 17, 2014

A new video of a quick cum shot outside...wearing Hollisters and Close up of my cock cumming  
Jan 24, 2014

Check out my latest video of me jerking off outside in the woods and talking. These are FREE - full length.
Jan 02, 2014

Jerking off outside
Dec 29, 2013

Walking in the woods with my boner out. I couldn't stop from stroking it:
Dec 18, 2013

Jerking off at a park in public.
Dec 08, 2013

Check out my latest video!
Aug 12, 2013

A new video of me jerking off in my car and reviewing Wank Wax!
Mar 22, 2013

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