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hey guys, just made a new group dedicated to the watersports community. it's called "wetting myself". if it tickles your fancy, check it out. have fun.
Sep 28, 2015

what's going on everyone? just posted a new poll you all should go check it out. also, i'm looking for some people for some erotic email action. hit me up, especially if you're into tickle t0rture and pee play. bonus points if you're into combining both of those things.
Jun 30, 2015

hey, sorry to sound spammy, but i made a new poll yesterday, and i'd like for people to check it out all genders welcome
Apr 27, 2014

in my next video, i'm thinking about pissing in my own mouth. what do you guys think?
Apr 23, 2014

just uploaded some new photos of me playing with myself while peeing in some pink panties. here's the URL: also check out my poll: hit me up in a private message if you want to talk dirty, and happy fapping. 
Feb 03, 2014

just uploaded a photo set to kick the summer off. here soon, i hope to have a video to kick the summer off RIGHT. but in the meantime, check this out: happy fapping.
Jun 26, 2013

in my new one, i piss myself, then fuck myself with a sharpie marker. mmmmmmm, i think i might make fucking myself in that fashion more of a habit. i honestly wish that the marker was a crossdresser or a ladyboy's cock. btw, anyone with a tickling or pee fetish PM me. i'm into both, and i'm looking for some perverted fun where either i or the both of us get tickled until i or we pee. 
May 08, 2013

i'm back with a new video! this time i have a nice little session fucking myself with a sharpie after pissing myself. enjoy. 
May 05, 2013

i compiled a set of some screenshots from my most recent video. check it out, and happy fapping
Feb 11, 2013

check out my new video i get off at the thought of all of you eye fucking me and masturbating.
Feb 11, 2013

hey everyone! either later on this evening or tomorrow, my new video comes out! i was extra horny in this one, so check it out.
Dec 14, 2012

i put together a new set of photos, as to properly break in the new pair of panties i got .    click on my profile link and check them out, or copy and paste this URL to your browser:   tell me what you think and happy fapping!
Aug 25, 2012

i finally got things figured out, and i have finally been able to upload my new video. to any and all who read this: check it out!  either click on my profile link or copy and paste this into your browser: to see my new video. don't forget to rate, and tell me what you think.
Aug 24, 2012

well, evidently i'm unable to upload my newest video at the moment, but i am still able to upload pictures. that being said, i uploaded a new picture set onto my page. everyone should check them out, they're screenshots from the new video (to give all of you a taste of what'sto "cum"). so,hit my page up, check out the pics, subscribe, or you can copy and paste this link to your browser and check them out that way:
Aug 23, 2012

i recently made a new video, but i'm having trouble uploading it. is anyone else having this problem as well? if so, what can be done about it?
Aug 21, 2012

here it is: happy tickling!
Jul 17, 2012

to anyone that has a tickling fetish, i have a group on here where we can all connect there, we can exchange fantasies, stories, photos, videos, experiences, and perhaps get a bit naughty. all orientations are welcome.
May 26, 2012

hit my inbox up if you want to cyber in PM form especially if you have a tickling/piss/wetting fetish.
Jan 12, 2012

i need some head and a good tickling. inbox me if you want to help me make that happen.
May 21, 2011

for my next video, i'm going to be peeing in a pair of panties. what kind of panties should i wet?
Apr 28, 2011




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