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We're both considering doing some solo videos! What would you guys like to see?
Jun 21, 2012

Hey guys! Sorry we haven't been posting videos. My boyfriend had to go out of town for a month and we tried to make  one before he left but it was too bad of quality. :( Once he comes back, we will be uploading more videos to make up for the weeks we missed!! ;) XOXO- Nicole
Jun 06, 2012

Just bored and somewhat lonely. My boyfriend isn't home and just looking for someone sweet to talk to.  
May 25, 2012

Hey Boys  and Girls! We cut the price of our videos in half. CUM take a chance at this offer!  You will not be disappointed. ;) XOXO- Nicole P.S. We're now making videos weekly!!!
May 19, 2012

The new video and photo sets are finally out boys and girls. Please come visit me and watch us play :)
May 10, 2012

my boyfriend will not be home tonight and I'm feeling a bit lonely. :(
Apr 24, 2012

We finally bought a tripod for our camera! Theres a few more things we would like to get done (lighting, better camera, ect) but we're making some progress :)
Apr 09, 2012

New reduced price on my video!!! I promise you guys will love it! I just wanted to give yall a present because nothing turns me on more than knowing I'm gettiing you off! ;)   --Nicole ;)
Apr 09, 2012

But we're set to post up some new content tonight! I promise!!! XOXO - Nicole
Apr 07, 2012

Our new photo set and our video is up!!! It's a bit lengthly but i promise you all will enjoy it ;) XOXO- Nicole
Apr 04, 2012

Our sets are still pending approval guys sorry :( I promise we have content on the way!   XOXO - Nicole
Apr 02, 2012

Just finished uploading a new photo set, my first one is still free so please go check it out i would LOVE some comments and feedback. We're still waiting for more suggestions for our next video if you could post your comments to my profile we would love to hear them! ;) XOXO - Nicole
Mar 31, 2012

What would you guys like to see? Some of me of some of my boyfriend? Or both?   We're down for pretty much anything just give us some steamy suggestions and we'll do whatever turns you guys on the most!   XOXO- Nicole
Mar 30, 2012

Hey all :),   Our first video is set to be released in a few hours... I hope you all enjoy it, we really enjoyed making it! There will definitely be more on the way if we get some positive feedback! Please add us and let me know how we did ;)   XOXO - Nicole
Mar 30, 2012

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