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This is cool... I am receiving video requests already! In order not to lose them all in all my mails, I would appreciate it if you could post them here in this blog. I will come here regularly looking for inspiration. What would you like to see? Think of theme, fetishes, music, clothes, fantasies etc... make it as descriptive and sexy as possible - get my creative (and other) juices flowing!  Keep it classy. Mmmm... looking forward! Bisous ...
Sep 15, 2012

Hi sexy xtubers, I thought it a good idea to explain this change here and use this blog as a forum for communication as I have received so many mails recently... some supportive, concerned .. (others, not so understanding). First of all, I would like to thank you for your kind words and encouragement... you know who you are ;-) So, why have I decided to become an Amateur?  Well, over the years, I have always been aware of the potential to...
Sep 15, 2012

Many of you are intrigued by my new sexual adventures and lots of questions have been asked recently. Willing to share, I decided to use this as a forum to discuss points ... I guess, mainly the topic of 'swinging' and being with another man/woman. So, if you really want to know something, ask here. Could be fun. x
Dec 05, 2011

From my latest vid it is perhaps quite obvious that I (well, my voyeuristic husband and the reawakened exhibitionist Rasha) are taking our sexual exploration a bit further by inviting another person to join us in the erotic playground. The professional Tantric/Yoni massage was a lead in, a reawakening ... a controlled soft experiment if you will to tes...
Aug 27, 2011

 Hello xtube! I hope you are all well, whatever season you may be in and wherever you are.
Aug 12, 2011

Every time I feel like making a new movie, I will come to this blog to read your requests. I invite you to be my movie director, to set the scene (location, lighting, music, clothes, colours, toys, camera position, style). Perhaps you would like me to perfect (redo/add to) an old movie of mine? Is there a movie posted by another xtuber (add link) which you would either change slightly or like to see me make?  Describe y...
Feb 26, 2008

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