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I'm going to tell you this...I started anal play when I fucked and sucked my first bottom boi.  He was moaning and groaning when I slammed dick to his boi pussy.  I couldn't understand the enjoyment of being fucked in the ass.  Sooooo....I went out and bought my first dildo.  A fake dick by all means but I was able to pop it onto the wall of my shower.  Soaped up and slid the 5" rubber into my ass.  I was amazed at the sensation it gave me. From that point on I was a dildo slut.  Yes, I stil...
Nov 19, 2015

Hey, Xtubers.  Just a little known fact about eating pussy.  A woman likes it when a person knows their CABC.  So I'll just sound this out for you 'Cabs'. Clit to Ass and  Back to Clit. Sure they MAY not mind that you don't do this but think of the possibilities of doing CABC.  Now you've licke...
Jan 05, 2014

Let me tell you about a guy on Xtube.  He wrote me a message that was no more than 'I want to fuck you.'  Most people that are on Xtube are people that are nymphomanics.  This means that they love sex.  What it DOES NOT MEAN is that they will bed anyone that asks them.  This guy did not read my profile.  He more than likely saw only my vids.  In his message he must have thought that I was a total bottom.  When I wrote back that declined hi...
Aug 18, 2013

What is my fantasy?  Well, if you have read my profile you would know that I am bi sexual.  To be honest I love pussy more than I love dick.  I wish to be having dinner with a friend and his wife or girlfriend.  We eat our meals and she excuses herself to go to the bathroom.  When she comes back to the table she is holding a large glass.  To which she fills both mine and her male friend's glass.  "Drinks are FROM me," she says. ...
Dec 25, 2012

I don't know too many people that are into Watersports.  I HAVE noticed that a lot of woman ARE squirting when they cum.  I don't sleep around so I have not been with many.  But, I have had my share of bed partners.  It is also very hard to convince a woman to just piss, unless you are either in the woods, in the shower, or making love.I have been with one woman, a Phillipino.  Hot as hell and loved to fuck. ...
May 03, 2008

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