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need help on a new video

just wanna know from the people online now what kind of new video i should have... should i just stroke and show how much i cum or stroke and fuck my tight ass with my toy then cum on the toy and put it back in my ass....PLEASE help :)
Mar 17, 2010

question for anyone online now..about a new video....

just wanna know what anyone would like to see....should i fuck my ass with my toy then cum on my toy then stick it back in my tight ass....or fuck my ass with my toy then cum and lick it up? someone help :) lol thanks
Mar 06, 2010

HELP PLEASE!!! Need votes on my poll for my my new video!!! just wanna know what everyone wants!  
Jan 09, 2010

ideas for new video?

i just wanna hear what everyone would like to see for my next video? i have a poll, everyone should vote... but i have either fucking my ass with my toy as i stroke, showing my ass and hard cock, cummming all over my chest, cumming then licking it up... try to vote on my poll or just let me know of other ideas for my next video..wanna hear what will turn everyone on..thanks!!!
Dec 14, 2009

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