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I see this term thrown around alot. Who is it? And why? Expect new vids soonish, once I find proper motivation.  
Apr 27, 2015

Tied up asian girl (different one) and a tall ass redhead kinda thick girl I fucked pretty hard. Both available just shoot me a message. Might put up a new clip soon once I get some time.
Apr 27, 2014

The same asian girl from my other vids came by for my birthday again. The vid is awesome hit me up if you want it.
Jan 17, 2014

To celebrate my 1 millionth video view. Hit me up if you want it! Merry Xmas you perves. 
Dec 20, 2013

Black gymnists anal, tall brunnette and some bar chick. Msg me if you want them
Nov 14, 2013

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