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need someone to take a 7-day load

Haven't cum for a week and need someone to help me out - can accom in Liverpool. Up for anything so get in touch ;-)
Oct 15, 2013

any trainers/sneakers cum video requests?

Been saving up for a while (4 days at the moment) so hopefully there'll be a new video soon. Any requests? ;-)
Oct 12, 2013

9 day load coming soon

Last call for video/photo requests - been saving up for 9 days and today's the day... Looking forward to this! ;-)
Sep 03, 2013

8 day load - video requests?

Any video requests for an 8 day load? ;-)
Sep 02, 2013

still edging - day 6

The day 7 goal is in sight! Horny as fuck though and pretty much constantly hard. Was planning to do a new video on day 7 but might see how much longer I can last. Anyone in the Liverpool area up for to take a big load in the next few days? ;-)
Aug 31, 2013

Edging for a week

Haven't made any new videos for a while so decided to go for a big one - huge load coming on Sunday!  Might hold out until Monday or Tuesday if I feel like I can last that long, but it's only day 4 at the moment and it's already getting tricky... Any requests for what I should cum in/on? Or even better, anyone in or near Liverpool want to take a huge load when the time comes? ;-)
Aug 29, 2013

4-day load

New video coming soon - looking to blow a big 4-day load this afternoon in my shorts, football socks and Total 90s. Any requests for the video? Or anyone near Liverpool want to come over and help me out? ;-)
Jun 11, 2013

cumming tomorrow

New videos tomorrow night, haven't cum since Wednesday so it'll be 5 days tomorrow. Any requests/suggestions for where I should shoot it? Or even better, anyone in or near Liverpool want to help me out/take it?
Mar 17, 2013

new big cumshot video next week

Decided to "save up" for a new video next week - just about to shoot a load this morning, then I'll be edging every day from now until Monday. Anyone in Liverpool want to take a big load next week, or shall I shoot it over my mate's trainers again? ;-)
Mar 13, 2013

uncut cum and lube in white football socks

Let me know if you like it!
Feb 15, 2013

uncut cum and lube in white football socks
Feb 14, 2013

new photos - cum on nike total 90s

While the new video in white football socks is uploading, here are some photos where I cum on my hot friend's well-worn but clean Total 90s. Hot as fuck, I really enjoyed playing with these! ;-)
Feb 14, 2013

7 day cumshot!

I planned to shoot 6 days worth today, but decided to keep it and make it 7. Tomorrow's going to be fun!
Feb 05, 2013

6-day cum - precum on red total 90s ;-)

Still haven't shot the full load, but some more leaked out onto my trainers. There must be fucking loads in there waiting to spurt! ;-)
Feb 05, 2013

6-day cumshot, awesome trainers/sneakers

So I finally got hold of my friend's shoes that I've been lusting after for a while. Hadn't cum for 6 days and almost as soon as I was alone with these trainers I dribbled a huge amount of precum. Hardly even touched my dick! Still playing with them now, hard as a rock but enjoying myself so much that I don't want to cum just yet. Really looking forward to shooting all 6-days worth over these though. Video to follow very soon though, I think ;-) http://www.xtu...
Feb 05, 2013

new video update

I'd hoped to make some new videos over the weekend but was ill so didn't get around to it. Rather than waste it, I've decided to "save up" until I'm fully fit before I make a new video. I still haven't used the socks I "borrowed" from the hot boy at work a couple of weeks ago, and I've also invested in a couple of pairs of really horny trainers from a sexy little scally lad I know. He doesn't know what I plan on using them for though - he ...
Feb 04, 2013

5 day edging - day 5!

Spent a few hours edging today, horny as fuck with precum everywhere. Having a break now with some porn and weed. Still don't know if I want to cum tonight or wait a bit longer though ;-)
Jan 26, 2013

5 days edging - any video requests? socks/trainers/shorts etc

It's 5 days since I last shot a load, and I'm looking to make a new video in the next couple of days. Maybe tonight, or I might save up for another day or two. See how long I can go until I can't hold it in any longer... Any requests from anyone? I've got a few things lined up to get me nice and horny (I'm especially looking forward to playing with my really hot friend's worn socks) but if anyone would really get off on seeing me dump 5 days worth of c...
Jan 26, 2013

5 (or 6) day edging - day 3

My balls feel like they're ready to burst, can't wait to shoot this load. Shaved my cock and balls today so it'll be all smooth for the video ;-) Anyone got any suggestions or requests for when I finally cum? Can't do condoms though, tried a few times and just can't get off while I'm wearing one. Not when I'm wearing one on my own, anyway haha
Jan 24, 2013

5 (or 6) day edging - day 2

The sexiest man at work has left a pair of his worn socks in the changing room. They're not in the changing room any more though... These will be really useful when I finally blow a big load at the weekend! Got so fucking hard when I picked them up and smelled them. I smuggled them out of the changing room by stuffing them into my boxers, and had a boner all the way home ;-)
Jan 23, 2013




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