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 She was on a trip and would meet with several customers and she even promised to come to me. Before she comes I hide a camera so I can film it She called a few times and asked the way, when she came, I went out and met her and she hugged me :-) She walked around the apartment for a while and watched then she asked where we were going to do it. I pulled out the sofa bed, and then she said, we'll pull down the curtain so the neighbors do not see your sex life. Then we took off our clothes...
Oct 23, 2014

Om en timme ska jag träffa en prostituerad i skogen....kan inte tiden gå fortare...  var ett år sedan jag hade sex :-)
May 12, 2014

I was in a hotel (a boat), I had arrived a few hours before. Had a printout with lot of girls and finally I found one that could come. She arrived by taxi and I went out and met her. She was a redhead (about 35) and a little plump, seemed a bit high on something. We went into my cabin and she began to undress. First time I saw a girl naked for real, my cock was rock hard. You may touch me, she said, with trembling hand I stroke one of her ...
May 08, 2014

I was about 18 and virgin and want to have sex so I took the bus to Stockholm Went to a street called Malmskillnadsgatan. I wandered around for a while... I must have seen confused because a lady came up and asked if I wanted anything. She was about 50-55 and not that god looking but a OK body. I ask if she had any place to go. We can go into an elevator a short distance from here, she said. We stopped the lift i the middle and she got her money.
May 08, 2014

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