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hello strangers

It"s Kate here, just dropping by to let anyone who cares know that Bob and I are still together and having great sex which just keeps getting better :D This is the first time I"ve logged into this website for ages, I"d almost forgotten all about it. I know I keep promising more videos/pictures eventually but who knows if that"ll ever happen with the effort involved, plus I think we still don"t have that converter needed to upload videos... However, Bob and I will definitely keep this alive...
May 24, 2010

still alive and having sex

Just letting anyone who still checks up on us that bob and i are indeed still alive, together and having awesome sex which has gotten more and more kinky.I can't believe it's been a year since we last uploaded a video... we really are lazy. but when we have limited time together we'd rather just enjoy each other's company and have sex without worrying about the camera and having to have masks on... plus bob has a new computer and still hasn't got a converter that...
Jul 24, 2009

can't believe it's been 6 months

so it's been ages since we've uploaded a video onto xtube... but hopefully the drought will end soon! bob and i are going away for 3 nights very soon and we plan to video some of the heaps of evil sex we'll have. the place we're staying at is a penthouse with a balcony with its own outdoor spa (as well as having an indoor one!) so we'll definitely be trying out the outdoor spa while having sex.. ;) i'm hoping we'll get that on video but we'll have to see. ha...
Jan 24, 2009

sorry there's still no new vids..

i've told a couple of people on here that bob and i were going to do a hot new vid last weekend, and that WAS the plan, believe me, but it ended up not happening.... why? because i got so sore so quickly!! that really shows how we haven't been having enough sex lately dammit.but what we did on friday night, we were both at work together and i stayed back with him when he was closing after everyone else had gone, because we wanted to have sex all over the supermarket ;) and s...
Nov 05, 2008

it's been a while since the last video..

i'm sorry about how it's been so long since we've put anything new on xtube, but bob and i have both been pretty busy... him with work and me with frigging uni so the time we do have together we've just been getting right into sex without videotaping it, it's a bit of a pain putting on masks and trying to set up the video camera right so we're filming from a good angle. we've also gota work out how to make the lighting not look like we're doing it by candlel...
Sep 17, 2008

re: kate's buttplug video ..

well i have semi worked out what's wrong with my computer, other than it being a piece of crap that is!! so i've finally been able to upload the latest video of me getting kate's arse ready for fucking! ;) the video of what happened afterwards has just been captured and when i get time to edit it that will be up as well. unfortunately both videos are a touch dark, need better lighting in my room, but it's not so dark that you can't see what's going on. ...
Jul 25, 2008

computer doesn't like buttplugs..

bob and i had an extremely hot anal play/sex session 2/3 weeks ago, and we did a video involving him spanking me and working a buttplug into my arse, but unfortunately bob's computer has kept crashing when he's tried to edit it for it to be suitable to upload on xtube... soon it will be up hopefully!! and by then we should have made another vid or two as well ;) hopefully one of him fucking my arse. we did film that as well 2/3 weeks ago but we kind of got too into it to be fussed ...
Jul 14, 2008

the curse of the roll of the red carpet

so Bob and I are planning on video taping some kinky sex in a few days... we were planning it all out (starting with some pussy licking... i've been really craving that!) only for me to realise... my red carpet is going to be rolling at that time!!! ARGH! (for those who don't know what the red carpet is you might also know it as aunt flow... or you may actually call it your period rather than making up a name for it!) so anyway after being really annoyed that i can'...
Jun 20, 2008


I had the idea the other day that Bob and I might do some pictures and videos of ourselves without hiding behind masks... but we would make these private so would only give the pin to certain people, as I definitely don't want to be recognised (Bob doesn't care so much:p). I thought we'd give the pin to people we can trust who we have communicated with and have contributed ideas for our videos that are interested... we add everyone who friend requests us to try and get a bigger au...
Jun 14, 2008

what do YOU like to see in porn videos?

this question is more so directed to any chicks who might read this... I know guys usually prefer to see the close-up in-out of the cock/fingers/toy in whatever hole it is.. but I myself much prefer to see the bigger picture, as in seeing the bodies of the people involved in the video rather than just naughty bits. I like to see the guy's face too seeing how turned on he is, and if not seeing his head is still good rather than just his hips, legs and cock. I don't usually like seei...
Jun 10, 2008

next video coming soon

just letting you know i'm going over to bob's place tomorrow and there evilness will be recorded on video.. ;) so a new hot video and maybe some pics will go up on our profile in the next few days ;) spanking will be involved, as well as sexy fishnets and tartan skirt ;) - kate
May 16, 2008

first video

I see bob has just posted a first video of me... without asking me first.. :p so you see he really does do what he wants ;)btw after we've done a few good videos and after people have seen what we're into doing, we're happy to hear ideas for more videos from everyone :)  
May 12, 2008

kate's first blog

so this is kate here... i would just like to say i'm really looking forward to making some good videos with sir bob to post here for the benefit of all ;) he's telling me he's going to give me a good spanking... and perhaps you'll get to see him use the buttplug on me for the first time ;) he's going to be doing some pretty evil things on video whether i like it or not... i'm his slut after all and have to do what he says. atm he's working on getting me to swall...
May 12, 2008

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