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looking for a fuck tonight guy or girls london/surrey pm me
Dec 25, 2012

girls n guys add my kik   jayknight94
Nov 15, 2012

UK guys pm if u want your cock sucked tonight! 
Oct 12, 2012

Emo boy Skype: jay.knight54 I have my ears stretched to one inch :) 
Oct 05, 2012

In London tonigt on ******ready to be fuckeddddd! 
Sep 15, 2012

Im made to be used! I'm from the uk and love to be told what to and love being use! For example if we met and we was walking down a main road and you said to me suck my dick now I would get down and start sucking! Hit me up need some cock hit me up 
Sep 10, 2012

Is it me or is running a hugeeee turn on I love it! 
Aug 24, 2012

Message me if you just want someone to suck or fuck or be fucked! ;) London and Surrey 
Aug 23, 2012

Anyone want to feed me cock!  Anyyyyyyy cock 
Aug 21, 2012

Need cock ASAP in the UK hit me up! 
Aug 21, 2012

UK cock sucker! Pm me ;) 
Aug 21, 2012

Anyone wanna meet Friday?! 
Aug 20, 2012

Only one guy ever has cummed inside me and I loved it !  I want it all over again!  Even better 10 guys fucking my ass and at the end the 10th can suck all the cum out my ass!  Many guys in the uk pm I need cock! 
Jul 24, 2012

huge cock sucker here hit me up london/surrey area
Jul 15, 2012

no1 cock sucker in london/surrey!
Jul 12, 2012

i love to suck cock  taste cum  i love it  anyone want there cock sucked in london/surrey hit me up
Jul 11, 2012

Need a cock to suck ASAP in London or surrey pm!!!!
Jul 09, 2012

I need some gay last time I had cock was when I was 17 and I loved it! I want cock! Black or white  thin or fat  Old or young! I want!  Inbox me and we will meet to suck! 
Jul 09, 2012

anyone want a young emo bi boy to suck or fuck youu? hit me up?
May 09, 2012

anyone in the UK guy or girl wanna meet for fun message me?
Apr 25, 2012




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