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so unless anyone has a different opinion, i dont think theres anything that I can do, by myself, that feels as good as or better than jerking off and cumming - am i right?    so here i am again - doing it again - and i might even do it a few times in a row - what the hell   xtube helps out alot - so thanks to all of u hot guys out there!!!    this cum's for u!
Jul 14, 2008

the rubber ive been jackin off in for the past week or so is gettin kinda thin - dont know how long this old friend is gonna hold on - im thinkin its a shame to bust it and just toss it like a, well, like a used rubber - so.... while it still has some life in it... does anyone want it?  hehe
Feb 04, 2008

ok -  this is my first time tryin the blog thing      im sittin here, and i just had a random thought (well, not so random really)       and i have no idea why im going to share this thought, and i have even less of an idea why anyone would be interested in my random thoughts (except for the fact that it kinda involves sex)      but i was just thinkin how fuckin MUCH...
Oct 23, 2007

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