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Do you want her to suck your cock until you can't help but blow your load all over her? do you want to taste that sweet pussy before sliding your cock inside her? are you a bi/lesbian hottie looking to 69 and finger fuck her while she returns the favor? leave us a message saying what general area you're in, and what you want to do to her (or have her do to you)... And if we read something we like from someone close to us, we will reach out to you and make it a reality! ;)  Now accepti...
Dec 02, 2015

we just made our first tripod video and are putting up a little preview clip of it right now!! it should be processed in a few hours... ... ... tell me if you like it ;);)
Mar 31, 2012

hey everyone!! my bf and i just got a tripod for our camera so we can make better movies now!!! any suggestions!?!?
Feb 06, 2012

we got a tripod and some new clothes... any video requests??!
Jan 30, 2012

my boyfriend and i got our video camera working again so i made him watch me play... im uploading it now!! it should be up soon, tell me what you think?!
Jan 06, 2012

i just got a replacement charger cable for my camcorder so i can start making new movies again!!  any suggestions?!?
Sep 23, 2011

i would really love it if someone made me a sexy cumshot tribute video ;) ;)
Sep 21, 2011

hey i just uploaded the full version of some of the vids on my page!! check them out and let me know what you think?!
Sep 01, 2011

hey guys my boyfriend and i are looking for a couple or a sexy girl or guy for us to play with??? any one in southern california interested in hookin up or at least bein our camera man??
Aug 26, 2011

hey guys my boyfriend asked me if i wanted him to buy me any new clothes... ......message me any sexy ideas for some naughty clothes or lengerie?? id love to hear suggestions ;) ;)the best suggestions will make it into my next photos/videos!!! :D
Aug 17, 2011

oh no guys my camcorder broke :( :( ... ... .. ... its gunna be a little while before i can do any new videos
Aug 15, 2011

hey check out my new clip and leave some sexy comments!!! its a nice long one ;) ;)
Aug 13, 2011

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